After 30 years the db’s released a superb album.


Unfortunately, it seems they will not stop by Summerfest.   Dang.

3 responses to “Amplifier

  • Zelmo

    Love that jangle-pop. Looks like they have a big hole in their tour schedule from the end of June until September. C’mon guys, there’s still time to fill in a Fest TBA!

  • Jim H.

    I went to HS and college with 3 of the 4. Ran sound board for earlier configurations of the band. Yes, there are some terrific songs on this new album. Good for them!

  • zombie rotten mcdonald

    hey Jim, nice to see you. Feel free to stop by often during the end of June/early July to keep up with my Summerfest Insanity. All kinds of music and weirdness. A good break from the horrors of modern politics and modern life.

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