Like Teenage Gravity

Wow, it’s hot today.  Summerfest is allowing people to bring in their own water; I don’t recall them ever doing  that before.

Or bring in a camelback, to be filled at the fountains (and does anybody besides me think that some creative drunk will be filling one with beer?).  Image below for Wife Sublime, who did not know what a camelback is:

I really do want to go tonight to see the Balconies, a Canuck power-poppy band that D-KW turned me onto.  Braving the heat may be necessary; perhaps it will keep the crowds down a bit; last night seemed to be quite a busy Opening Night.

Here’s a rocker from the Balconies:

If I last, there’s Ben Folds or the Promise Ring later; Wife Sublime tells me that she works with one of the guys from Promise Ring, who have re-formed and are touring a little bit once again.

One down, second on deck, 9 to go.


7 responses to “Like Teenage Gravity

  • mikey

    I’ve always been a big camelback fan. Actually, I’ve always been a big fan of attaching large amounts of random shit to my body & clothes. I like ALICE gear, velcro, D-Rings, straps, pouches, rucks, vests, pockets and bags. Long before the invention of the camelback I had a number of Bota Bags. There’s just something infinitely tweak-tastic about having all your cool shit hooked on to you somewhere…

  • Jennifer

    Boy, Bota Bags takes me back. I think Grizzled still has one or two tucked away somewhere. That doesn’t really sound right, does it…

  • Jennifer

    And although I’m more than familiar with the camelback, I have to say, that photo looks like some kind of padded man-thong…

  • zombie rotten mcdonald

    the CamelThong. I don’t think that’s going to be a salable concept.

  • ZORG

    If I upload nearly 100 pdf’s of the headliners from every side stage from 1967 to 2007, you will automatically become THE destination for the musical history of Summerfest – this is an awesome responsibility. Do you want this list to be searchable? Let’s discuss format and scope.

  • zombie rotten mcdonald

    just send ’em as pdfs, Z. we’ll worry about processing them later. It may be a project for another day…

  • mikey


    Ran outta gas after a couple daze? Seems…unfortunate.

    All shamble and no brainz?

    Not for me to say. But the narrative has stalled, that seems beyond question…

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