Serious Bedtime

Ok, OK, I went a day without posting, I get it.

It does seem to me that the obvious solution is for everyone to come up here, so we can meatspace-blog Summerfest.  That way y’all can experience it as it happens!

But really, here’s the thing.  We were there WAY late on Thursday night, closed the damn thing, and then I got up WAY early this AM to get some Klark Kent obligations out of the way, taking until 1 PM or so; at which point I ramped through the ‘shit shower and shave’ routine, and we headed down again.  It’s a Man’s life spending every day at Summerfest!

From the vantage point of Wednesday, Thursday looked….difficult.  The weather droids were predicting appalling heat and scaring the bejeezis out of everybody with dire heat-stroke warnings, so Wife Sublime even planned on opting out and I didn’t even plan to go down until late afternoon.  I was determined to see the Balconies at a minimum, and by waiting I could avoid a parking fee by using the building lot of one of my clients.  And by 4:30…hey!  The weather is actually not too bad!  And teh temp dropped another 3 or 4 degrees by the time I got to the Third Ward (cooler near the Lake yanno).  And once in the grounds there was a decent wind from the lake, so even though humid it was not bad at all.

So I met Zorg-elmo (2 days in a row! amazing.) and we did, indeed watch the Balconies and they were amazing.  I got the lead singer to sign the latest EP (the “Kill Count” from the prior post) and got my picture taken with her; I am like 7 times her size.

While talking to the Merch guy:

“we need to sell this stuff to afford to go back to Toronto”

“Hey, you don’t have to go back to Toronto on OUR account.  Stay here and play some more shows”

“uh, yeah, we have jobs and shit we need to get back to”

“Oh, JOBS, sure.  I forgot you were from Canada, where people still have those.”


After all that, Wife Sublime decided to join us, and we wandered around a bit, ate some unhealthy food and sat in a nice little patio at the new BMO Pavilion stage.  Architecturally, there is a lot to like about it, but the real drama starts at night:

Ben Folds played there later.  Let me tell you something about Ben Folds:  It’s hard to be a dynamic front man when your instrument weighs a half ton.  Suffice to say, it wasn’t working for us, so we bailed.

And wound up watching the Promise Ring, local boys who didn’t quite make good. In fact, Wife Sublime works with one of them.  But they have been doing some gigs, even though they don’t have records or merch or anything. It’s like they do it because they love making music or something.

And that shines through. The band was energetic, warm and polished, playing for a small crowd and enthusiastic about it anyway.  Basically, they made Ben Folds look like shit.

As great as all of that was, something even more incredible went on that night.

Zelmo started the day by hating the new Pavilion, hating change, and by the end of the night, after enjoying the pleasant breeze there, the spectacular lighting, and the acoustics, was pleased with the addition; further, after we discussed how the Promise Ring didn’t quite hit the big time, he conceded that pigeonholing bands was perhaps not desirable.

We all thought the Promise Ring was superb, and we regretted never having seen them before (although as I consider, I suspect we may have seen some a show at Summerfest at some point; “Emergency Emergency” sounds AWFUL familiar.

Gotta go hit the sack.  Early time tomorrow, with much robot content, and some good bands later.  Bizzy bizzy day…..


5 responses to “Serious Bedtime

  • Silent Mike

    I thougt we saw Promise Ring open for someone at the Marcus. They were added like a day before the show. Can’t recall if it was a Femmes show or not. It wasn’t that New Order show, was it?

  • Silent Mike

    Now that I’ve had a drink and kicked my brain (BRAINS) It was an all Milwaukee concert. Promise Ring, Da Bodeans, and then Femmes.

    • zombie rotten mcdonald

      Yes, that it was indeed! Thanks. Although Joyce thinks it may have been one that the Bodeans headlined.

      Until Zelmo comes through with The Document, I will have to rely on everybody’s memories….

  • Zelmo

    That night I was transformed from a small-minded caterpillar into a butterfly with no more preconceptions. Thank you, Summerfest!

  • Silent Mike

    I think we also saw Citizen King. It was a big all milwaukee show (and then the bottom dropped out)

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