The Act We Act

Well, this is the second year that Summerfest has bailed on The Monday.

Still not sure if I like it or not.  Sure, sure, it’s a slow day, and these tired old zombie bones are grateful for a day to recuperate before things get nutty.  But hey, a Slow Day works almost as well, and you get to get some sun and beer and music while doing it.  The only clear winner is the wallet, which doesn’t really matter because either way it’s eleven days Out-Of-Pocket.

It DOES give me an opportunity to spend a day getting clients and contractors OFF MY FUCKING BACK.  Although I figure this week is going to be kind of scattershot anyway, with the positioning of a stupid Unpaid American Holidays.

Interesting (well, to me, anyway; the rest of you probably could care less) note on what I did this  morning:  I had sent out CAD templates for mechanical contractors to do their layouts on (they are lazy moochers and prefer not to redraw plans) last week.  Since I do not use AutoCad, this takes an extra step on my part, but usually it’s simple.

  • initially, the General Contractor couldn’t figure out how to open the folders I sent.
  • So I broke out the separate files, sent them separately
  • The contractor said they came through blank
  • I used my copy of AutoCad to open them.  they seemed OK.
  • The contractor finally figured out that the drawings were set to a different origin, and needed to be re-centered.
  • THAT’S ALL. Zoom Extents.
  • There may be a bit more work if all the contractors REALLY want all the site plans; I created a complex reference system that needs to be separately exported, one by one.  But we’ll see.

Tomorrow is another day.  I really am looking forward to Bob Mould, that ought to be superb.  I’ve seen him twice, once solo and once with a band.  Some Bastard is disappointed in me that I never saw him with Husker Du, but I was impoverished back then….

In any case, the Third is a crazy day, the Fest does a spectacular special fireworks show and the turnout is immense.  In addition to the up-to-120,000 people on the Grounds, the lakefront gets covered with another  hundred thousand or so.  Some years, we go home early and just sit outside watching the streets turn into parking lots.


5 responses to “The Act We Act

  • zombie rotten mcdonald


    I have said it before and I will say it again right here: being the keyboard player in Bob Mould’s band has to be kind of a thankless job.

    I may just listen to my ‘Husker Bob’ playlist which is, of course, mould, Husker Du, Nova Mob and the related music, all mashed up together. I may listen to it all day today and most of the day tomorrow.

    SO GOOD.

    • zombie rotten mcdonald

      Did I ever tell you, thunderoo, about the year that on Opening Day, some contractor really blowed something up good, taking out primary power throughout the 3rd Ward and Summerfest Grounds?

      Happened about 2:30. The got the power back on by 4:30 or so. Sigmund Snopek was playing at the time, and broke out the trombone solo. Fortunately, the powers that be allowed for cash only on the beer, so there was no need for a riot.

  • zombie rotten mcdonald

    …it does make me wonder if thunder is commenting via Internet Carrier Butterfly or something.

  • Zelmo

    The No Fest Monday really kills the momentum. On the other hand, it feels like we get two Summerfests!

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