Closing Time


Is that it?

9 days out of 11 (10 if you count the Hairdresser Mulligan, which I certainly do).  I think I saw 60 bands, and drank two-hundred eleventy beers.  I got sunburned, my ears are ringing and my feet hurt.  Saw no end of friends, and now have an incredibly nifty rubberized shot glass.

My closing song was “Rock Lobster.”  O yeah.

More reports to fill in the blanks if I can manage during Recovery Week.  And if anyone cares.  Well, fuck, given my blogging habits, ESPECIALLY if no one cares.

Also:  ZORG made an unprecedented appearance on the field of battle.  He still lost, of course, but it was VERY impressive.


And my!  Didn’t we have just a wonderful time?


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