Merry-go-round with the Sun

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The 4th dawned fucking hot, like that is even news anymore.  The climate change denial morons say:  “hot weather in summer, who’s surprised?” kind of ignoring the fact that is an unprecedented level and length of heat, and drought in about half of the country.  Hey, I am half a century old, how many times in my life did half the country have a drought?  None more black, is the answer.  Go back to the 30s dustbowl is the answer.

oops, not wanting to go into that on this bloggo.

So let’s go down to Summerfest, shall we?

We went down to see Sigmund play his first show at the new Pavilion, the big old stage that took the place of the Has-been rock stage, and it was a fine time indeed.  Nice breezes blowing through the stage, plentiful beverages, and lovely music.  Gosh!  didn’t we have a wonderful time?

Sigmund is a musical genius and overall weirdo who has played Carnegie Hall and a bowling alley in Waukesha IN THE SAME WEEK, and has played every SINGLE FUCKING SUMMERFEST since 1972 or something stupid like that.

I saw him play a triple-disc sci-fi concept album of prog music (hate him, Rush!  And Jennifer!) at a little bar a couple of blocks from my house, with guest work from the sax player who played on Dark Side Of The Moon.  I’ve seen him play his various wind instruments for 40 minutes while the power at Summerfest was out.  I’ve gotten loaded with him and his cats at his apartment.  He owes my best friend money.

Anyway, after that, we moved around for a bit, stopping at Ben Caplan And The Casual Smokers.  Without the Smokers.  while Ben did his best, it wasn’t compelling.  He does have an impressive beard, however.

Then we jammed down to catch some King Solomon reggae music.  And the heat and humidity and increasing crowds got to us, so we bailed.

It happens.




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