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In other news, it turns out that my new Favorite Milwaukee Band, Trapper Schoepp And the Shades, just signed a label deal.  In this age of internet distro, it is still a Big Thing, and I am so happy they are getting a break.  These kidzos are just fantastic, and you oughta check ’em out (really, not like when I tell you to check out the Mekons and you have to pretend you did).  In fact, here you go:

So Friday, the 6th, was still kind of hot.  But I had been gone a WHOLE DAY, and the shakes were setting in.  I pointed the Zombmobile toward the lake, and it knew the way.  Paid to park, because the traffic was being stupid and it would have taken my 30 or 40 minutes longer to get to my free lot, so wev.  Junkies gotta hit.

There was nothing that was enticing me.  And While I am FULLY AWARE, Zelmo, that there is no point in forcing a Wave, I hoped to snag one; like a surfer who paddles out, even thought the surf is not completely compelling, hoping that something decent comes along.

Surgeons in Heat: not even a good name, doods.

Wandered into the No Quarter old guy Led Zep tribute set.  It wasn’t bad.  It wasn’t great, either.

Burgundy Ties:  Meh.

Saw a peppy little set from Breton Sound.  They were having fun, so the people in the benches were too.  It was alright.  get me another beer….

Jammed into the crowd at Atmosphere.  OK, I am not a huge fan of rap, but judging from teh intertrons, these folks were in a kind of nice spot between the Beasties and RATM, so it was worth a try, right?  Except for two things:  first of all, if you want to mix a lyrically dependent rap show, WHY THE FUCK DO YOU BURY THE VOCALS UNDERNEATH BASS THUMPING THAT OBSCURES EVERYTHING?

And second, after the third dimwitted young girl bumped into my and spilled my beer, I decided to bail.  My ‘large hulking bitter old angry’ dude act was not working…. Time for a Martino’s Chicago Dog.  Oh yeah.

Caught a few songs from the band opening for Fitz And The Tantrums, Royal Teeth.  Their first tour.  Good for them.


Well….As I have documented previously, a Summerfest Wave is a tricky thing.  You can’t expect it.  You have to be able to recognize it, and you have to be willing to RIDE.

I went down, hoping I might snag a corner of a Wave….and the Wave rolled right by.  It’s how it goes.  There’s always another day.

For two more days.




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