Let’s Kill Saturday Night

Saturday, o Saturday, why do you make me cry?
I was warned like three days in advance that my brother was throwing a birthday party for my sister-in-law.  And Brother scheduled it, knowing full well that Summerfest was in full swing.  It was either an asshole move or a test of my familial commitment.  What could I do?

O yeah, we packed up Young Zombie and the Orange Lucifer and hit the fucking road, oh yes we did.  And S-I-L’s mom was packing the Serious Tequila Margaritas, so it was working out just fine, yes it was.  I delivered a sweet Summerfest t-shirt and rubberized Summerfest shot glass, and O! my, did we not have a wonderful time?

And we drove back, early or so, because dammit local Ska band the Invaders were playing, and they kick fucking ass.

As always, they were skanking up a fucking storm, and the report is that the fiddle lady had a baby just a few days prior, so bonus points for proper prioritization, you know?


Unlike Bouffant, the aging rude boys and hipsters just made me happy.

We had a lovely time, and went home.  It was a Summerfest Saturday that worked, family, ska, alcohol…..


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