Closer To The Heart

I guess it’s time to dust off this bloggo and get fired up for this year’s Big Grin.

And what better way than with some fucking RAWK?


Oh, yes, the Newly Inaugurated Rock Hall Of Fame Rush will be playing the Fest, yet again, and yes, I have my tix.

But of EVEN MORE IMPORTANCE: the Violent Femmes are re-forming for TWO GODDAM shows and Summerfest is one.  Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros along with the Avett Brothers are opening up, and do I have my tix?  You guess.  In fact, I got a couple extra, so just chime in if you’d like them.

This is the first year in forever that I’ve been obliged to get tix to more than one Marcus show.  Although it is maybe offset by the fact the Eagles are also headlining, those soft-rock shitheads.  If the bookers at Summerfest had any clue and a little bit of humor, they would book Mojo Nixon for the same night.

This year also marks the RETURN OF COMEDY.

Lewis Black is just amazingly cheerful about that, And, yeah, go ahead and be jealous of that lineup.  Social Distortion?  Go-Gos? Dropkick Murphys?  Silversun Pickups?  Trampled By Turtles?  Bad Religion?  Pat Benatar? Loverboy?  Less Than Jake? Brandi Carlisle? The Wailers?

And we don’t have anything on the regular parts of the lineup, yet.

It’s shaping up to be an amazing year.

Of course, since nothing good ever comes without some downer to go with, my favorite Fest Bad Influences are all going to be otherwise occupied or out of town, so I will be just flying solo for the most part.  Perfect target for some amazing Waves, I hope.

So here’s a season kick off, featuring much Canadian Content; One Dude from Trailer Park Boys and One Dude from Barenaked Ladies.

Are they my favorite band?  No, not really.  But they have been a big part of my life ever since as a teenager some asshole punched me in the face for wearing a Rush t-shirt, and they make me happy, and I am looking forward to seeing them again, because we all have such a lovely time when they do.



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