And that’s a pretty nice haircut


As was discussed recently on the Book of Face, it’s hot and sweaty under all this hair when it’s humid like this, so I got it all cut off today.

Well, not all of it, but it’s still a pretty nice haircut.

So that’s one thing ready for summerfest.  Because you it’s not only important to have weather-appropriate hair, but also to look good.

OK, whatever, but I do what I can.

On other fronts, a few more acts have dribbled out.  The Eamerging Artists Series, of which I only recognized Kitten, who opened up for the Joy Formidable.  Also, Cracker and the Meat Puppets are now on the schedule.  Haven’t seen the Pups in a while.


2 responses to “And that’s a pretty nice haircut

  • Silentmike

    All the anticipation of the music and Door Dude Manzerek dies.. So it goes. Any news on Sig? Another early show probably. Don’t think I’ll make it, just spent mega bucks on teeth related doings. What day is your party this year?

  • zombie rotten mcdonald

    questions, so many questions. ummm, our party hasn’t really been nailed down yet…probably the 31st. we might have a robotics conflict, but that’s unlikely.

    I am certain Sig will be there. They played the new BMO stage last year, which is a really nice open clamshell kind of space.

    Pretty certain Ray Manzarek is NOT going to make it.

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