Factory Showroom

iTunes brought up a song from a Wisconsin band, Vinny Bex Dae who are kind of amazing; not to mention that they kind of run the Refugee Stage at Summerfest, one of our favorite cool down and hangout spots.  Apparently, though, the secret is out because it is getting kind of packed on a regular basis.

It is worth mentioning that the scrawny dude whaling on the bongos in that video also fronts an irish-punk-folk band called Whiskey of The Damned, who are playing one of the big stages on the same day as Dropkick Murphys.

Dudes. we need to get ready.  Are you ready?  Do you have your tickets?  Do your have your Summerfest Shoes?  I do not, in fact have my Summerfest Shoes, but I have scheduled obtaining them.  I am planning.  I am prepared.  I have a Schedule.  I have a T-shirt.

Tomorrow night, we are seeing They Might Be Giants at Turner Hall, and there are a couple of weird stories about that band, but Turner is such an awesome place to see a band.

And in a few weeks, friends, we will all be converging on the Lakefront in order to see lots of bands and misbehave.


6 responses to “Factory Showroom

  • paleotectonics

    Well, goddammit, how were the Giants, tell me nowwww!
    As the summerfestblog rises like a dead burnt chicken from teh ashes, bring us mayhem. Cry havoc! and let loose the oderus of GWAR. Beat the Bodeans with a baseball bat (until they refudiate that horrible fuckin Closer to Free.)

    In short, woot.

    • zombie rotten mcdonald

      Ana Ng. Ana Ng. Ana Ng. How come they has not played that the last couple times they played here? “They don’t need me here and I know you’re there”

      More after I have nommed and run some errands.

      • paleotectonics

        All of Lincoln (Purple Toupee, Mr. Me, Ana Ng) and John Henry (Sleeping In The Flowers, No One Knows My Plan), Flood of course. Apollo 18 was hit and miss. I could go on with stuff you already know so I’ll stop, but from the beginning LOVE TMBG>

      • zombie rotten mcdonald

        Huh. I thought John Henry was weaker than Apollo 18.

        The new one is “album raises troubling questions ” which is an excellent album title.

    • zombie rotten mcdonald

      I kind of like Closer To Free. Although now that Sammy is history, I think it is history.

      • paleotectonics

        Aw, hell, it’s not a bad song, but it was inescable for about 3-4 months on Eau Claire radio (countrycountrycountryJACK-FMcountrypoppopwhite-stylehiphopcountrycountry)(also generally about 2 years behind the rest of the country). I seem to recall it was a theme song, same as the damn Friends song. Blearghh.

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