Music for Fine Dining

iTunes today, on full Library random, did me a solid and served up quite a few songs from Milwaukee ska stalwarts Something To Do (S2D).  Is this the fourth or fifth wave?  Dunno, but they do the old two-tone tradition proud.  Check out the website, buy some merch, and COME DOWN TO SEE THEM AT SUMMERFEST!

They will be at the Fest on Thursday the 27th.  we will, of course be there.  We are usually mistaken for the parents of one of the band members.

Here’s one of my favorite of their songs, from “I Command You To Dance”  a couple of years ago.

Here’s the title song from that album:

Here’s a song from their most recent album:

Finally, here’s their ode to a shitty beer.  Seriously, it’s such an obvious attempt to sell out (although the lyrics include some things that Corporate would probably object to):

OK, Red Stripe people, that is miles ahead of those idiotic “Hurray Beer!” ads.  What are you waiting for? Cut a big check to Something to Do immediately.


One response to “Music for Fine Dining

  • Oregon Beer Snob

    OK, I wish that last one was about better beer, but that’s a damn good song. The horn section in this band makes me want to drag my trumpet out and lube up the valves.

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