Test For Echo

After the last Turner Hall show, I texted Rory “So, when’s the next Summerfest warm-up show?” and he immediately came back “Old 97s at Turner”.  With Trapper Schoepp and the Shades opening, I was all the way on board. So this is the last music report till Opening Day.

Started the night by pre-gaming on the deck with Lucy and a couple of beers and a warm-up playlist.


In the old days, when you’d forget your tickets for a show, you would be screwed.  In the Modern World, all I had to do was give them my ID, and they copied my tickets. No Problems!  And then we had some flatbreads at the Turner Hall Restaurant, although the service was achingly slow.

Joyce saw someone she knows from work; happens to by gigging with Trapper Schoepp on keyboards!  Last time we saw Dustin, he was playing with Promise Ring at Summerfest.  Cool as it was, I was sorry to hear that he was replacing the fiddle player.  But given the intensity with which TS&TS are touring, not everyone can drive all over the country.  They are heading out East right after, so they couldn’t even schedule a Summerfest gig, which is a tragedy.  It’s a fine venue for them….

But so was Turner Hall.  Although we picked a location that kind of had a dead zone for vocals.  Moving a few feet to the side cleared it up.  They played some new songs, and some of Run, Engine Run. Dusty’s keyboards fit in really well, and as my friend Rory said “Trapper Schoepp is KICKING IT!  These guys are going places!”  Although we all agreed that they looked like they were twelve….

One more.  Some hack named Dylan sat in with them down at SXSW:

They’ll be back for the Brady Street Festival.  Perhaps I will go.

The Old 97s, well what can you say?  Everybody I was with has a thing for Rhett Miller.  I am amused by his elbow-windmill strumming.

They opened with my favorite,  Barrier Reef.  Listen:

“Well I sidled up beside hersettled down, shouted ‘Hi There!My name’s Stuart Ransom MillerI’m a serial lady killer!’She said “I’m already dead”That’s exactly what she said…

If you haven’t seen the Old 97s, don’t delay.  They are a fine fine mix of country rock and punk, and their songs are wonderfully ragged and polished at the same time.  And they have fun playing, except when someone throws a bottle at Rhett.  He didn’t find that funny, even though it was just a plastic bottle.  I suppose from his POV, all he saw was a projectile arcing toward him and being veteran of Texas honky-tonks, the defensive instincts are still strong…I thought for a minute he was going to leap from the stage…

They played for quite a while, everybody got sweaty and drank many beers.  And my!  Didn’t we have a wonderful time?

My pictures of the show sucked, so I am stealing these from Rory (who abandoned us to stand in front of the stageright speaker stack and destroy his hearing further):

1013053_10151798678640209_658122387_n 21339_10151798678340209_906257963_n

As expected, I was less than productive on Friday. which pissed off my boss.  But he’s an asshole, so I don’t care.



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  • Oregon Beer Snob

    I like both of those, I need to keep an eye out for these guys and catch a gig if they come nearby.

    And my grandpa had a Mercedes just like that one in the first video (different color). I spent countless hours in the back seat on road trips as a wee lad in the ’70s. I loved that car.

    Looks like the big gig is just around the corner. You should think about starting to hydrate in preparation for all the alcohol that will be consumed…

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