Water And Air


Oh, wow! A Summerfest Rainbow! SO BEAUTIFUL!!


I am really tired of being rained on today.

I had to drop some plans off downtown, and I slept in slightly; but picked up the plans and then it appeared that the City Paving Crews had decided to create a tower defense game between me and the Plan Exam office.  It was extraordinary, and very time consuming. And after that, I had to work some downloads from the first day at S-fest, and then had some email work to do, and then I did that previous post.  As Jennifer notes, it was rough, but I had to get down to the Grounds to get some lunch.  And I did; and eventually there was lunch that didn’t come in a cup….

the second day started stressy, it is true; but then a band called Annie B and the Vagabond Co was having a swell old time, and they played “White Rabbit” even though hardly anybody in the crowd was on drugs, at least non-prescription sort, so it was time to move on… there were benches to claim for the next acts, yes there were and I was the designated bench sprawler….

Watched a crappy cover band at teh HD stage for a while, and it started sprinkling, so I went for cover under a tree near the pizza place.  Skipped the food, because who likes damp pizza?  But it was weird to see the pavement steaming….


It lightened up a bit, and since I am not a Wicked Witch, i got a beer and went to the toilet; but by the time I was done, it was pouring again.  When the rain broke, I went to get a Lakefront beer, and saw Good Friends Mike and his son Mickey, coming to join us for Something To Do.  I got a beer, and we parked our butts right in front of the band.  Mike tells us that it is pretty much the only band that he agrees on with Mickey…

Oh yeah, every accolade I spouted was worthwhile; the band played in black and white formal wear and sweated awesomely.  Did we have a grand old time?  O did we ever.  The band was interviewed for local TV and we, being sober and reserved sorts, resisted the impulse to photobomb the video….


And then it rained.


We went over to the next stage, Whiskey Of The Damned was playing and while I knew one of the guys from his involvement with the Refugee stage, one of the group, friend-of-a-friend stylee, knew the guys more intimately.  So I talked shows and bands with him , and mentioned Black 47, to which he did the ‘stinky smell’ face. And then he said that he didn’t like them in recent days, because ‘bands should just play music, and not play politics” to which I asked, as innocently as I could “you do realize that teh name Black 47 itself is a political statement?” to which he replied “sure, but when they started talking about Bush, it was not appropriate”

I will let y’all just bask in the hypocrisy of that man….

And then it rained.

Irishy punk bands are, by inherent nature, tending toward anti-authority and kind of leftist attitudes.  Which are just fine by me, yes they are. In fact, I would like to see more bands like Black 47 make explicit politics part of their songs.  Music is not only a medium that allows us to connect, it is a method with which we communicate.

Well, dude left.  Probably for the best.

Because (and this is where it is going to get all fanboy.

The Stanfields played, I hadn’t heard of them before.  Turns out they’re from CANADA!  Go figure.  But they were a perfect warmup for the Murphys.  Loud and foulmouthed and even several political harangues…

Wow, did I enjoy these guys.  They are quite a bit more raucous on stage; this was their first time in Milwaukee, so I bought them beers after their set (they wanted to catch Dropkick Murphys).  And My!  Didn’t we have a wonderful time?  We talked beer, and politics, and bands; the guys from Wednesday’s band, Town Heroes, stopped by since they are touring with the Stanfields.  They are all heading back today.

The Dropkick Murphys were, of course, excellent.

Final report after 2 days of Summerefest:  Each day I had someone spill a beer on me.  Both times by someone named Kyle (and different Kyles!)  Today I shall take no chances and if anyone whose name starts with a K comes near me I shall spill a beer on them FIRST.





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