No One Sleeps When I’m Awake

July 30th becomes Maintenance Day.

Went down to grab some unhealthy food for lunch.  Lunch-ish, actually.

It was kind of beautiful, warm with a nice breeze.

There were a couple of good bands at teh Emerging Artist Series, in particular Daniel And The Lion from Baraboo.  Another new CD for The Library.  Here’s a viddy of them covering Counting Crows, with phox, the band that followed them on the stage and also from Baraboo.  Man, there’s a lot of great musicians in Wisconsin.

Phox was admittedly perhaps a bit too subtle and quiet for a Summerfest show.

But then it started to rain, and since I got all my rain the previous day, I said fuck it and went home.  Took a nap.

It may be noted that my Summerfest-burn has taken until the third day to really get started, and it’s not  lobstery yet.

The other day, Zelmo and I disagreed bitterly at my plan to go to Madison next week for the Free Hot Lunch show, and to designate the Barrymore Theater as the Summerfest West Stage for the night.  Zelmo thought it was completely inappropriate.  My argument was two fold:  first, it is Free Hot Lunch, a Summerfest stalwart who are not playing in the normal summerfest stages this year; second, that Zelmo wasn’t even going to be in the country, so who is he to judge?

Mike and Mickey who joined me for S2D the next day, agreed.

well, Zelmo can apparently rest easy, because the show is sold out anyways.  So Zelmo can save his judgmental purist Summerfest crap until next year.  In the meantime, three for three, and no one named Kyle spilled a beer on me yesterday.  Although whoever rides herd on the text-board apparently did not let the “STAY AWAY FROM ME, GIANT SAUSAGE” message to display.


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