Maybe they had a ridiculous statement to make about something they hadn’t experienced

OK, it didn’t rain.  I still wanted them to play this song.

But they played this one, and I thought of someone:

Well the guitar player stayin’ out in hollywood and sayin’
He’s just trying’ to get some sleep, but everyone’s complain’
Are you truly deeply cynical ’cause boy you know I loved you so
When no one knew your name and you were pompous. still are

Let’s get off this, and get on with it,
If you wanna change the world shut yer mouth and start to spin it
Get off this, get on with it
If you wanna change the world shut your mouth, and start this minute

Well, but I get ahead of myself.  Yes I do.  Back this blogtruck up, let’s.

Summerfest O’Clock started about 4:30 today.  The dudebros next door were burning some wood in a Weber grill while I mowed the lawn, and it made me hungry for something charred over an open flame.  But once there, I got a cup first, because priorities, you know?  Then settled in to watch an EAS band, Soho Ghetto from Halifax (!). Yes, another fricking Canadianoid band!  But they were good; and I wondered briefly if seeing such a good band right off the bat might signal a Wave yes Zelmo a Wave.

Well, I didn’t wonder for very long.  Because what the hell, summerfest! I was on my way over to see if the band was going to be selling merch, and another dude and I locked glances – a moment of shock – it was Dave, one of my college room mates from way back, I hadn’t seen him in years.

He was on his way to the US Cellular charging lounge, someone’s Galaxy had unwound; I got us some beers and we did some talking while the tech recharged.  I saw a couple of dudes from the band walking by, so I charged them and asked if they had merch  (sold it all, good for them.  The wave can sometimes splash others). Hah.  They said they were good friends with my new buds the Stanfields, playing with them tomorrow night in To-Ron-To… while I talked with Dave some more, I  downloaded their album from iTunes.  Weird to do such a thing.

They have kind of an anthemic sound, with a bit of celtic/folk roots.  And any band that sports a Mandocaster, I am on board.

Dave and I wandered off to catch Think Floyd at the other end of the grounds.  We talked about the old days, and new days and what we were doing now, and what we did then.  We were having such a swell old time that some dude we didn’t know came up and insisted that he be part of the conversation.  When he insulted our footwear, though, we moved on, with a hearty “WTF was that??!?!?!”

Dave was on the grounds with his wife and daughters to see Imagine Dragons, so we stopped by to see how they were doing.  It was weird.  Packed.  Definitely not the scene we wanted to be part of.  Finally, I got my charred animal flesh; it must have been bar-b-q because I got some of it on me.  Actually, I figure I got sauce in my hair.

The Meat Puppets were awesome. Loud and sloppy and kinetic and rock and punk all wrapped up in a jagged package that has the wind from the desert blowing through it.

Best thing about that video?  The shirt Curt Kirkwood is wearing is from a former record store two blocks from my house.  Awesome.  I kind of think I bought “Too High To Die” there.

Wow, did the crowd clear out after the Pups were done.  The band came out and talked to fans for like half an hour, I wish I had thought to bring something for them to sign.

A couple of years ago, Cracker played on the same stage, but only played for an hour and left without saying a word.  They seemed far less unhappy this time, and kind of rocked the joint. Opened with their two biggest ‘hits’ also, Low and What The World Needs Now.  As if they wanted to just get the dilettantes out of the way.

And; well, if you aren’t familiar with Cracker, not much of what I say will mean anything.  If you are familiar, then you know what it was.

really quite a shame they didn’t play this one either:

But they didn’t play another song about the rain (and after I got home, it rained)


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