Songs From The Laundromat

Well, that was kind of a remarkable night.

After finishing those previous posts, I was ready for another Fest-Crawl, but there was nothing that was a draw, in itself.  So I rolled solo, and went to see what I could see….

The first band and the first beer was a Chicago band fronted by Deanna Devore.  Nothing clicked, so I got another beer and slid over to the Cascio stage, for a solo guitar troubadour who calls himself Briar Rabbit, who was phenomenal.  Even as he battled the sound disruption from neighboring stages.

Then I caught a bit of a local group, Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts.  They were good, too….

Then, back to the Cascio stage, for an Oshkosh group calling themselves the Sleepwalkers.  Guitar based songs about depressing subjects, otherwise known as Power Pop — all Big Star and Replacements….

And finally, The Championship at the Cascio stage.  I know thse guys have been gigging around for some time, but I haven’t seen them before.  Well, it’s possible I saw them in a multi-bill at Club Garibaldi, with bands like Glossary and the Drams.  But that night got kind of foggy….

Anyways, when the band got out of the van, I thought I recognized one of the dudes.  Not unusual, really, it’s kind of a small town, although at that point I was thinking the band was from Green Bay.  Just goes to show you, don’t believe what the Journal Sentinel prints.  Anyway, I did recognize the dude, it was Dustin who we last saw playing with Trapper Schoepp and the Shades. Dustin did a fine job, yet again.  Talked to him briefly after the set to tell him so, and stopped to pick up the recorded output; they were selling them cheap, too.  In fact, their first album is being offered for free; go and get it to check them out.

They were so good, even if they started as a slow burn.  The songs built and built, and the audience demanded an encore which the band did not expect and weren’t prepared for, so they had to wing it a little bit.  didn’t matter….

P.S.  for those of you, nobody I guess, who gives a shit, here’s an Onion article about the best music in Milwaukee last year.  Links to free-or-cheap downloads, get em.  The Championship is only one of them.


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