Music For The Masses

Words just fail.



3 responses to “Music For The Masses

  • Oregon Beer Snob

    Chills, seriously. Thanks for posting that.

    • zombie rotten mcdonald

      WASN’T THAT AWESOME?!?!?!?!/

      Anyways, thanks for commenting through the Fest. I hope to continue the blog in a musical vein; if nothing else, Friday Random Musical Spews. Although tomorrow is sketchy; I am out to see the Deadstring Brothers tonight, and besides the hangover, I have a building walkthrough and a lawn to mow. But stay tuned.

      Still no word on the Empire. The last two search parties I sent out came back glass-eyed and gibbering; the only discernible words were “panties” and “balsawood”. I’m not sure if they had the Sailor Jerry tattoos before the mission or not.

      • Oregon Beer Snob

        WASN’T THAT AWESOME?!?!?!?!/

        Damn straight!

        But stay tuned.

        I will.

        the only discernible words were “panties” and “balsawood”.

        I have a feeling that you could make some money from the Empire if you dedicated it to panties and balsawood. It’s probably already a thing in Japan.

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