If you’ve ever stopped by Steve Simels’ Power Pop web site, you might have met his cob-logger NYMary, who authored a book about a band:  Boys Don’t Lie.  The band, of course, is Shoes, from Zion, Illinois.

If you liked a certain kind of music in the 80s, that Big Star influenced, Cheap Tricky noise known as Power Pop, you are likely to have some Shoes music in your collection.  But after a few albums and criminal neglect from the music industry, the band finally hung it up and went on to other parts of life, as people do.

Funny thing, though.  One of the band started building a studio in his house, and although he said it was for his own use, in his mind he was thinking about his old band.

And so, last year Ignition was recorded and released, and my, is it fine.  If anything, a bit tougher than before, informed by age and experience.

When we went to see Matthew Sweet recently, we saw the Shoes in the audience.  Of course.  Pilgrimage.  We wondered about whether they would be doing some shows.  Nothing was forthcoming, although the band did play at SXSW this year.

Well, they are playing Shank Hall, and who has a drawer full of thumbs and a ticket?  THIS zombie!  Me and Zelmo, we’ll be rocking the Shank….


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