13 Steps To A New You

IN the continuing pre-Festival Pre-Gaming runup and warmup, on Saturday night we made it downtown to an Evinrude Street fest to see Something To Do, The Best Ska Band working in America!  So it was kind of an EvinrudeBoy Fest.


It was a lovely evening for October, and there was some tasty tasty beer available; the bars lining the street allowed free coming and goings and there were at least three bachelorette parties doing some dancing and not a little bit of drinking.  And several dogs.

It was a strange little block party; there was little notice and no online schedule or anything; there was much emphasis on boats and engines; and there was a mounted policeman.

It seemed a shame that more people didn’t come out to see America’s Ska Sweethearts, but perhaps the more regrettable news is that Summerfest passed on them this year.  Bad move, Summerfest.  Very bad move.  Where are you going to get your local ska-punk now.


Well, we did our part.  So did the band.


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