Beauty And Ruin

Yeah, I had an Architectural Review Board presentation today, so I had to get a haircut and dress like I cared, not able to get to the Fest for lunch.  Sigh.  Well, I wanted to see several bands in the evening, so it could work out OK.  And the presentation went …OK; not great.  I’ve been to worse.  But in any case, the day was beautiful and when I got home, I really was kind of looking forward to a beer.

However, Wife Sublime’s day was going worse, and when I asked if she wanted to go down, she snapped at me and told me to JUST GO AHEAD WHATEVER!

So fuck it, I threw some dead animals on the grill and decided to update my timesheets and the Fest-Blog.  So here you go; I updated the Fest-blog.

And she eventually walked out, changed her shirt and said she was ready to go.  However, it was pretty much too late to catch two of the three bands I wanted to see, so as I said, fuck it. It wasn’t my fault and I could have just left without bothering to check, and somehow that was actually my fault after all.


In any case, I am having WAY less fun than this guy:

10505454_835534143131833_732945953481010266_n 10492232_10202316427732372_5674144504545662146_n


Maybe tomorrow will be better.  It better be.


3 responses to “Beauty And Ruin

  • SilentMike

    Wow, 1st beer is below the line and day 2 is a bust. I’m speechless.

    • zombie rotten mcdonald

      AND no FD’s Hot Links! It’s a total failure.

      The weather is disheartening. Coolish and foggy.

      Although technically, that beer is from the Leinie guys, so it was slightly above the line. One good thing; a big reduction in two-fisted sloppers. Or arrogant millenials running into your beer arm while trying to get to some stupid band.

      I keep telling myself that we saw Counting Crows in a monsoon, or the Replacements in 40 degree weather, or some of the unbelievably hot days. Slightly cool and not raining, some years, would have been glorious.

      I’m willing to give it another chance.

  • uhhh mikey n shit

    So just as I was reading this the music doo dah started to play Matthew Sweet’s ‘Sick of Myself’ and it was pretty much a perfect juxta-something-or-other.

    I’ll throw away a chance at greatness
    Just to make this dream come into play
    But I don’t know if I’ll find a way
    ’cause I’m sick of myself…

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