Let’s Get Drunk And Get It On

Good and Great Friend of the blog Rory tells us that it was nearly a year to the day that the Old 97s played Turner Hall.  I was pretty much dumbfounded, since it seems like much less than a year, but I am not one to dispute the keeper of the Ticket Stubs.  And, of course, he is right and I blogged about it.

It was a School Night, a Sunday and the band recognized the fact with amusement, thanking us for being out when the Normals would be at home preparing for  the working week.  We laughed, they laughed, and they launched into another song about broken hearts and alcohol.

Rory got another set list, he says it’s the third in a row for these guys.  Lots of songs, they played for nearly 2 hours.  They didn’t play some of the songs I hoped for, but as with anyone who has been around this long, how can they?  They played Time Bomb, Barrier Reef, Jagged, and a rollicking cover of Career Opportunities.

Between the personal issues, my fatigue and the looming workdays, we did not spend any time putting beers down our necks.  And, of course, that had little effect on how much we enjoyed the band.

Two guitars, bass and drums and a heckuva great ears for songs and hooks, not to mention the ability to capture singular moments in lyrics, and the band jacks them all into rock and roll vitality.

I know it’s a cliche for singers to say nice things about the city they’re in, and it’s an easy applause line, but Rhett Miller spent so much talking about how much they liked playing Milwaukee and Turner hall, and told a story about playing in town for the first time in a club where they got paid 50 bucks, but drank 80 bucks in liquor.  And he just keep smiling between songs; they played for over 2 hours, so I think they do like us!

Rory managed to get the setlist.  Look at how many songs they played:


So.  After that, we move into a short work week and Summerfest on Wednesday.  Join us!  Maybe I’ll find time to update the crap on this crappy blog.


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