Rave On

Bad News:  Famous Dave’s Barbecue is NOT SERVING THE HOT LINK.  I will be starving all week.

So, First Day.  I stocked up on Famous Dave’s lunch items anyway, because the Hot Link Jones is strong.  But I don’t think I really needed that much soda.  Sheesh.  How about a bit smaller cup?

And speaking of smaller cups, the Riverwest Brewing servers are doing a severe job of cup-filling, treating the black line like it has the black plague.


As is not unusual for an early afternoon, there wasn’t anything on the schedule that I was familiar with, so I stage-hopped from the usual locales:  US Cellular, KNE, Briggs.  Saw some interesting bands:  King Washington, Caroline Smith, Chevonne and the Fuzz, The Belle Brigade, Kyle Feerick….but I kept on the move to throw off the trackers.  One of the new things is an awkwardly located ferris wheel:


In the Summerfest store, while I was searching for gifties and shirts (and scored a pretty thermal mason jar mug, even if it is disappointingly made of plastic) I ran into a friend from high school, Renae.  Well, that’s not quite the right term; she might be a sister-in-law, except she and my brother never got married.  She is the mother of my niece, but that’s a cumbersome construction.  Brother’s ex-girlfriend?  Well, they lived together for a long time and had a kid, so it was kind of more than a girlfriend.

So anyway, ran into Renae at the Store and we shared several beers, caught up and saw some a them bands.  And after eating some more unhealthy food, it seemed to be getting a bit colder and even if the beer was starting to go down pretty easy, I decided not to walk down to the opposite end of the grounds to see Leroy Airmaster or Ray LaMontagne and I made an early night of it, knowing I would be coming down the next day for some good music.



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