Drunk In My Past

So for Friday, I worked most of the day again.  Got a late start, did my new morning routine, got halfway to work before I realized that I had forgotten my meds.  New routine…

Clients made for a kind of busy day, but collected Joyce and made it down to the Fest by 5 or so to meet Zorg and watch Will Phalen.

Here is Zorg:


I have to say that it hasn’t been particularly horrible to forego the beer, so far.  It helps that so much of the beer on offer is not that good.  If the doctor had told me that I had to give up live music, we would have had a problem…


Will Phalen, who added me to his phans last year, was really good if too short.  we talked with Zorgy for a bit, and I had another hopefully decent meal.  But I had forgotten to re-needle my injection pen, and my back was acting up a bit, and it was getting cold again so I pulled the eject lever a bit early.

Saturday will be a non-fest day, as we have a nephew who made the appallingly questionable decision of getting married during Summerfest.  Back on Sunday, with luck….


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