Wait So Long

The docs said “no activity restrictions’ but they didn’t say “you are prefect and able to do everything you want”; they also said to listen to my body and try to take it a bit easy.  So, of course, I went in to work for half a day, and then went down to Summerfest about 4:30….

I felt fine.  Started the long process of surveying the food vendors to find servings that won’t make my doctors slap me, and surprisingly, most have some things that, while maybe not the most health conscious, are at least not fried and less-fatty.  Sodium is another issue, of course…

So, we saw a few bands, nothing that made me buy the CDs-and with a much lower outlay for drinks this yea, I have a larger budget for swag!  In fact, it got kind of cold, so I bought a knitted Summerfest hoodie that is rapidly becoming my favorite shirt.

We saw several friends, and I started cultivating the LEGEND that will be HEART-ATTACK SUMMERFEST GEEZER.  Good to see them, and even more, good to be seen…

Sammy Llanas, former BoDean, was playing with a new band at the Johnson stage and he was good, really damn good.  Played a couple of old songs, and a lot of his own stuff.  But Sammy, if you’re gonna play that well, you need to bring some merch!  Anyways, I downloaded the 2 of his albums I didn’t have from eMusic.

And then we went to one of the most maligned stages, at the north end of the grounds, to see Trampled By Turtles which was not as packed as one would expect.  however, as you would expect, there were frequent whiffs of sweet leaf wafting around.  And the sound was amazingly clear and crisp and well mixed.  For a six piece band, you could pick out every single instrument clearly.  Want to listen to the banjo?  you could.  Want to listen to the fiddle?  No prob.  Want to focus on the mandolin?  Yep.

Plus, they did an excellent cover of Touch Of Grey.

At that point, by back and feet were being a bit less than supportive, and I had to remind myself I was barely 28 hours out of the ICU, so we went home before they played my favorite song, Wait So Long.


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