Turn On Your Radio


Well, it’s that time of year again.

I am committed to not letting a doctor keep me from opening day this year.  Last year was the first time in at least a decade I have not made Opening Day….Not gonna happen again.

Last year, of course, I also had the Big Mekons Whoop-up Jamboree and Kick-Ass Retrospective to stay alive for; this year the Summerfest lineup is remarkably better than last year, but there is more on the horizon:  X, M. Ward, Guided By Voices, Mountain Goats, maybe even the Fixx!

So far, the largest disappointment this year is that due to a sponsor backing out, the Cascio/ MSE local music stage has been canceled.  It was never the best stage, as there was terrible bleed through from the neighboring stage; but since it was all local or regional bands, I usually spent about 1/3 of my time there.  It’s a tragic loss indeed, and the screw-heads running the festival better damn well cover the gap next year or I WILL have WORDS….

Particularly amped, this year, for a couple of shows:  Brian Fallon, of Gaslight Anthem on his first solo record; and Jon Dee Graham (who played in several first-gem Southwestern cow-punk bands and has amazing solo work).

My approximate schedule is now posted, and comments are open.  Come on down, won’t you?



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