Monsters Are Real

On Wednesday, we talked to Eoin (pronounced ‘owen’) McCarthy, from Whiskey of the Damned and the dude who runs the Rebel Stage, and he told us that Thursday was Irish punk bands all day and his band was playing at 6.  I guess if you run the stage, you get to have your band play; The Bob Geldof effect….


So, although I spent the morning working on behalf of two clients so they could arrange a lease between each other, we went down by what, 3 or 4?  but we went to the Rebel Stage, and saw loud irish influenced bands who had energy and spit and sweat and loved playing for the several people there, and is there anything more fucking rock and roll than that?

Eoin and Whisky of the Damned took the stage at 6, and fuck they took it HARD.  They opening with an Irish/punk version of “Hit Me Baby One More Time” that exposed that it is actually a DAMN GOOD SONG.  After that, the idea that I was going to be a bit more moderate in intake, went out the fuck.  Because, punk as fuck.

Yeah, there was sweat and spit and drinking.  But there was also the roving percussion solo on empty half barrels.  There was also the barrel rolling competition.  There was the new instrumentalist who played violin, banjo, and mandocello.


WotD has a new album coming out, and it they will be playing a record release set NEXT Friday, so that ought

These  to be a very reserved affair.

In any case, my old friend Dave from Platteville loved them when I introduced him at this stage, and last year at a bigger stage, he was less excited.  Suffice to say, this answered all of his concerns, and more so…

at this point ,we knew there was incoming rain (thanks pocket computers!) so we had a choice:  Going to the BMO stage, to suffer through a Zeppelin cover band before Styx (Still TWO original members!!)or move to the JC stage, for an unknown band and then a well-respected local band called The Record Company. We were trying to make arrangement for Joe Jackson at the north stage.

So, we decided to go north to see a band that we had no knowledge about named Black Violin.  Before they showed up, I used my pocket computer to figure it out, and it indicated that it was ‘classically trained violinists with hip-hop’ and, hamsters and guinea pigs, that is such  weak description of the actual music….

Let’s speak seriously.  One of my biggest complaints with hip-hop, rap, and electronica is the lack of actual drummers. But what I have discovered is that drummers are crucial; even Echo and the Bunnymen discovered that.  And you know what? these guys are with me. 

These guys exceeded every expectation.  The description of ‘hip-hop’ was weak at best; and their song “stereotypes’ made it ridiculous.  I found the music lovely and complex, the musicianship to be stellar, and like I said the use of a live drummer made it muscular and flexible. The best thing about Summerfest is that it affords you the opportunity to discover new favorite bands; one of the guys at the Rebel Stage said “thank you for coming out to see new bands and new music; I tell you that someone out there has written your new favorite song, and you just haven’t heard it yet”

We were camping out, this stage had cover.  But the rain did  not work with us, and we never made it t see Joe Jackson, who apparently still did a set….

But; between the Whiskey show, and the new favorites Black Violin, I came home feeling that this was still a lovely night….


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