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Whoof.  It’s been quite a year.  Much time working on lifestyle changes, more exercise, better food, moderation moderation moderation and an entertaining new regimen of medications.

My standard line is that last year was the first time in decades (i haven’t kept track) that I haven’t been at Summerfest Opening Day.  So walking through that gate was…victory.  Also was my first (new) birthday…I don’t care what people say; when I was sitting in the ER with like seven people working on me and I still couldn’t breathe, I figured it was all over.  Even the ER doc said in his report he could see me stopping breathing….

But after all that, my docs kept me an extra day so they could fuck up my internals one more time, because hey! his wife has great insurance!  And so they let me out late on Wednesday and frankly, I was in no condition to go own to the Fest.  However, after a bit of rest at home, the next day was a go…

Anyway.  I returned to form to go down for lunch, albeit late.  We wandered the grounds for some time, making a couple of trips from one end to the other.  The Rebel Stage was visited.  We chatted with Unexpected Friends.

But you know, the big deal was Weird Al.  I really expected Weird Al to be WAY more packed.  But it wasn’t, and did we care?  Fucking bogroll we did. I love Al, not just because he is an architect who found a better career but also that he has an amazing band that he has been with pretty much since the first day he recorded a song in Dr. Demento’s toilet…

That lunatic wandered through the crowd while doing his parody of Happy, and from then on he did a dizzying mix of old and new, changing costumes more than Bette Midler in her fever dreams, and backed up by one of the best bands I have ever seen (and I have seen a few).  The bumper videos show his ability as a comedic actor, and I kind of LIVE for his accordion solos.

But in the end, a Weird Al show is nothing but fun.  For his first gig at Summerfest, he dodged the driver at the airport, found his own way to the grounds, then climbed over the fence and got pinched by the Red Shirts.  We saw him one time on a stormy afternoon when every other stage was closed, but this one was left, because it was protected from lightning by the freeway above, and when the event people told him he didn’t have to go on, he gestured toward us drenched drunks and said, how can I not?

He played so much I loved, and I only missed “Weasel Stomping Day”  But then, as a zombie, I would…

Gosh, what do you want from me?  I spent the afternoon and night on the grounds of my favorite location on the planet, and we had some beers and food that makes our doctors quiver; but we spent our time enjoying ourselves and then seeing our culture’s predominant musical satirist comedian ex-architect.

So, I will leave you with the best Devo song they never wrote:


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