Among Other Foolish Things


This was a day when we saw Sammy Llanas  and I have a more in depth post about that.  I’ll wait.

This was a very focused day.  It was Brain Fallon, leader of the Gaslight Anthem on a tour for his solo album, Sammy Llanas, and Trapper Schoepp and the Shades.

During the course of the day, we managed to sneak up to front row seats, and were promptly insulted by a neighbor for ‘not liking this music’ because we objected to her drunken splattering all over every neighboring person.

BUT HERE. Brian Fallon was great.  Sammy was great (see link above) and Trapper Schoepp was pretty damn awesome.  It was a lovely day of of good, straightforward rock and roll.  I loved all of it.  We made friends with the people next to us, and gave up our spaces when we left — Ray LaMontagne was next.

After all that, we were satisfied, and left bearer the headliners.  Knowing when to leave is an art…


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