Come Sail Away

Yeah, we didn’t go to Styx.


We also skipped on Bad Boy, Led Zeppelin 2, and Mr. Blotto.  What can I say, I am a zom-philistine.

We spent much of the afternoon doing the Summerfest Walk.  We went by the Rebel Stage, of course.  We caught the Tosspints and an early set by faves Whiskey Of The Damned.  They were great, but as it was early in the day, they hadn’t reached the drunken abandon stage of one of their shows.

Then, as rain was looking to move in, we went to the JC stage for one of the first true pleasant surprises of the Fest:  Black Violin.  Two classically trained African American violin players who mash up the classical music with a live drummer and a DJ/Keyboard player.  The descriptions have said they do the hip-hop mashup, but frankly, I only heard minor touches of hip-hop and it was mostly pop, rock and prog.  In any case, it was pretty awesome.

Then the rain set in.  It was supposed to go earlier and stop, but it still rained out any intent to see Joe Jackson, to our great chagrin.

In the course of the night, while we were sitting under the roofed protection of the JC stage, I developed a great hatred for the guy sitting in front of me and smoking a stank-ass turd-rope of a cigar (regardless of the fact that technically he was inside a structure, and thus was breaking Wisconsin law) and when he blew his rope-weed-dickshit exhale up into the air, it blew into my face EVERY. GODDAM. TIME. He was a fat white guy with an awful beard and patchy hair and a stupid t-shirt.  I eventually moved to a different table, so I could avoid his spew. Eventually, he moved on and a breathed a relatively clear sigh of relief.

However that was not the end of it.  He came back, and was standing between the table we were sitting at, and the merch table, with some people who he might have claimed as friends. At one point, a black guy walked through, and I dunno, maybe bumped him, and as if to confirm my already mostly-hardened opinion, he reacted as a white racist would; how DARE that black guy bump him! and went to push the black dude -from behind, no less!  The black guy reacted as one would, turning around and giving White Bad Beard Cigar Asshole a mild pop on the jaw. (as a person trained in punching, it was not one that would create any real damage).  So WBBCA looks a bit shocked at first, that an African-Amercian would challenge his white privilege so; and went after the guy.

3 things happened; the merch guy immediately went to protect his credit machine and other wares; I turned and grabbed WBBCA, and a guy in a Harley jacket ran around a table to take control of the black dude.

Almost immediately after, a young woman walked through, talked to one of the bystanders, and then talked to the nearby bartenders and almost immediately after that, a pair of Redshirts walked through.

When I grabbed WBBCA, one of my first thoughts was that I hoped I didn’t have to resort to some of the pressure point moves I have learned, because those are fucking dangerous and even in the controlled environment of learning, people get hurt;  In the heat of battle, I fear I might have dislocated something or broken a bone.

Fortunately, none of that happened, although being an asshole WBBCA later kind of charged into the crowd and was obviously looking for the dude who offended him by bumping into him.

I find it kind of interesting, however, that after much training in a gym, when something goes down, I have gotten to the point that I react with no fear and complete confidence.

Anyway, after the drama, we left when the rain let up, and Joe Jackson remained unobserved.  WBBCA remained un-damaged, and we left the grounds with much good music in our ears.



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