No One Lives Forever

Summerfest is just a couple of weeks away, as of today.  FWIW, I cobbled together my schedule – although the available lineup listings do not have much time information, so I could only list the bands I am likely to see-….

If you check it out, this is the 50th anniversary of the Fest, and they are doing a pretty big deal.  They asked the food vendors to have something special to offer for the 50th…

And Mader’s came through, in a completely Wisconsin way.  With a beer battered Brat on a stick, and deep fried.

Also in the brat vein, see what Trinity Pub is offering:

Take a Usinger’s smoked sausage, put it on a stick, wrap it in spiral-sliced sweet potato and fry it. Then load it up with pimento cheese sauce, beer braised onions, chipotle ketchup and pickled peppers. You had me at “pimento cheese.”

My cardiologist just felt a huge disturbance in the Force.


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