Stand Up and Be Strong

Whoooo.  What a day.

The rain was gone, at least.  It was pretty humid though.  Also, it was Throwback Thursday, with bands aimed at old dudes like me playing in the afternoon, and half price beers until 6 PM.  Nothing like saving a buck on beer to bring Milwaukeeans out in force, so it got packed.  Felt like a 100,000 attendee day to me.

Funny day.  We saw all kinds of friends and people we knew, most of whom said they were wondering if they would see me.  Hmm.  Perhaps I have a habit…..

So we started by seeing a local band with a couple of friends in it, FS Camels.  I liked ’em, never really saw them 30 years ago  when they were mostly active.  so then, we went and saw a local act, the Salford Lads Club, who did Smiths covers and they were surprisingly good.

At that point, we called an audible and abandoned the plan to watch the Suburbs, to move down a couple of stages to see Fishbone.  Good choice!

The stage was packed for Soul Asylum, but mainly kids who I figure were there to reserve seats  for the later bands, whose names I did not even recognize.  KIDS THESE DAYS!!

Soul Asylum, of course were great.They’ve had a bumpy path; the drummer quit a while back, and they tapped New Orleans musician Michael Bland to fill in; then the bass player died, and Dave Pirner’s partner and alter ego, Dan Murphy decided to hang it up during the recording of a recent album.  Pirner was initially willing to release what they had, but Bland refused, saying that calling it quits was one thing, but releasing an unfinished album he refused to do.  It wound up being a really good album, too.

My only issue is that I apparently jinxed the show, by posting on Facebook about the above song, which they’ve played almost every time I’ve seen them.  BUT NOT TONIGHT.  Ahh, well.  they were still great.

Ran into some other friends, saw a couple of other bands, talked briefly to local musician Brian Wooldridge, and at that we called it a night.  Isn’t that enough?

NO IT IS NOT.  NOT ENOUGH. Zorg, the former Hell-Beast, was in attendance.  He was also in attendance yesterday.  FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, ZORG IS KEEPING EVEN WITH ME ON ATTENDANCE.  2 FOR 2.


Paleo shows up tomorrow and we do it all again.


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