Art for Art’s Sake

On Sunday, we tried for lunch at Pizza Man, a perennial favorite but this was the second time in the last two tries that we had abysmal service for brunch.  Although last time it was like two hours, this time we got served in a brisk 45 minutes.  Sheesh. Dropping rapidly down our list of favorites.

But a downpour occurred and rain was going to be off and on all day.  So we called an audible and acted on another Paleo desire, to visit the Milwaukee Art Museum.  Towards the end of our visit, Paleo exclaimed “THIS. PLACE. IS. AWESOME!!!”  It sure is, buddy.  It sure is.

There were many good bands this day, including local faves the Whiskeybelles, but the on again-off again rain kept us away and we sent Paleo home in acceptable shape.  Lucy, the orange, leaky-ass dog misses him already.

Also, we missed Friends of Zombie King Solomon, and Ziggy Marley.  When younger, we certainly wouldn’t have cared; but this body has seen a lot.  In fact, the commemorative 50th anniversary t-shirt I bought says “this is what happens when you party for 50 years!”



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