4th of July

Saw X recently, and finally; and Billy Zoom was with them.

Yes, it’s the 4th of July, and the kids are setting off firecrackers outside.  The City fireworks were last night, and local fireworks are tonight; the Gordon Park fireworks are very loud here, and the whole thing has Lucifer so desperate for succor that she is cowering at my feet.  I console her as best I can, then get a new drink.  It is, after all, the 4th of July….

The 3rd of July, yesterday, was Monday Gap Day at Summerfest, the Saddest Day of Summerfest.  Also, gives them a chance to clean the puke off the grounds and hose down the toilets.  I spent  the day mowing the lawn, then putting in some hours in the office, bookkeeping and doing some invoices, and then sat on the deck listening to my new music and drinking the whiskey Paleo did not.

Side note to Paleo:  2 Gingers, for a year or two, sponsored Whiskey Of The Damned.  I would be embarrassed about not remembering this, but I was drinking.

Today, there was one band in mid afternoon that I would have seen if I was already there, and one headliner that I felt the same way.  But that was a lot of commitment for middling results.  So, as disappointing it will be to the ZORG-Zelmo alliance (who, of course, struggles to make more than two festival days) we decided that discretion was the better part of Summerfest.

I stayed in, did some work on a project, and catching up on updating this blog.

Bad news for the ZORG/Zelmo axis:  Wednesday this week looks like a weak draw from  my POV as well, so while I may go down for lunch, it looks like a mid-Fest day in the office.  The tribulations of being a Sole Practitioner!


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