Every Kind Of Lucky

Thursday was a late start, so I did some Office Time.  Had to do Some Things, and got home in time to get down for the 2 PM start by Ukuladies.  Ummm….they started at 12:30.  Fuck.  I SUCK SO MUCH.

So we got down to see a really good set from a small woman named Beth Bombara, from St. Louis.  We liked her.  And we stuck around for a couple of songs from local Hot Shit band D’Amato, featuring a 12-person stage show (holy shit) built around the head guy’s ebullient persona and r&b/ rapping.  It was good, but wasn’t our thing….

Anyway, we got down to the BeeMO stage for perennial favorite and personal friend, for whom I’ve sung backup on stage (to an empty bar), Sigmund Snopek.  And he was fun as usual, but seriously….not completely on top of things.  At one point, he wandered away from his keyboards looking for his big european bells, which were right in front of him; kind of like the way Trump wandered around looking for his limo.

So, after this, we walked by the Rebel Stage, as we do.  First up was WarPiper, who opened up with a bagpipe fueled version of Ace of Spades.  OK; I’m convinced.

Kyle showed up for a few minutes at that point, so we watched the rest of their set, then wandered over to catch Milwaukee hot emo-punks Whips do an energetic punky set.  Then Kyle turned into a pumpkin, and I got a beer, and went back to the Rebel stage.

There was a Chicago band, Blood Red Boots.  Kyle will be disappointed, but even I fail to explain the sound of this band.  Except they were good, and both the guitarist and the bass player had wireless transponders so they spent most of the time in the crowd and on the tables, and the singer came out as far as his mike cord allowed.  bought the Ep.

After this was The Roving Scalawags, from the Appleton valley area, a bunch of Irish, a big part of Wisconsin, some noise and a bit of attitude.  Here, have some:

And we stayed there for the Uncle Fergus’s Magic Whiskey Band.  Who closed the night with a mashup of Freebird and Come Sail Away.  Here, have some:

Please to be understanding that the Rebel Stage operates completely parallel to, and disconnected from, the Summerfest general operation.  No money, no promotion; and Eoin likes it that way.  It is all local bands, promoted by local people, and supported by local people and volunteers.  Everyone there are the Best People, and they all get paid exactly nothing, so it operates on tips and goodwill.  So we will always throw a fin or two into the Tip Bucket when it comes around, because fuck it, these people need my meager dollars way more than if I spent money for shitty seats to see the Shins.

I bought my first guitar and took it home on my bike.  I love the guitars I have.  I suck at playing them.  I have been told that I have an ear for rhythm, and a decent dexterity on the fretboard.  But I chose a different path….

But here:  listen to someone else who spent the same day on Milwaukee bands.

He missed his shit by not spending the entire day at the Rebel stage.  Dumbass.

We spent pretty much the entire day there.  How lovely….



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