Thank God This Isn’t Cleveland

Yes that is a real song.  When Snopek was touring with the Violent Femmes, in Cleveland Victor DeLorenzo told him to play it during his opening set or he was fired.

Friday was a Tradition Day, when we saw Snopek at Summerfest.  He’s played every Fest since like 1972, and he looks it.    Heck, there were years when he played every day of the Fest.  Sometimes two sets!

But this year he seemed a bit off.  He once wandered the stage, looking for his big Monks’ Bells, which were right in front of him.  Hey, who am I to judge?  But he didn’t even bring the trombone or the alpenhorn.  But he has Denise, his partner and his musical partner, on stage to help him keep things on track, and a drummer to keep him in line and a painter to keep him….umm, colorful, I guess.

I remember seeing Sigmund play these shows with like eleven-teen keyboards on three racks, and he could be viewed over the banks with wild hair and wild eyes, pounding them like a lunatic.  And then they would break.  For a while, he used Macs to keep the various noises in line, but then the computer world moved on and he had all this data that he needed archaic Macs to access…

So then we caught a pretty great alternative-country-pop group called Porter-Sayles, who had vocals like the Edward Sharpe vocalists, but way less precious.  Plus, they won my affection by dropping in a few stanzas of the Genesis song “That’s All” into the middle of one of theirs.  But then, when I went to fetch beers (stop trying to make Fetch a thing, Zombie!) the rains came in, and used a break in the weather to bail on the show.


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