Summerfest Feet

Summerfest Feet refers to the ability to maneuver in a high density crowd that is all moving in different ways.  different directions, different speeds, different destinations and differing levels of drunkenicity.

Summerfest Feet allow you to move in and out of the  flow, without running into people or stepping on kids, and avoiding major mishaps while getting to your goal without shuffling along with the mass like some sort of Bataanfest Death March.

At the same time, it’s not enough just to weave in and out; if you are shoving people out of the way or causing others to trip and/or smoosh into others, you’re just bulling your way through.  Summerfest Feet are elegant and disciplined, not brutal.

Needless to say, walking on other peoples’ feet is RIGHT OUT.

Summerfest Feet, like many skills, improve upon practice.  So get down there early; if you and your Feet can dodge the Stroller Crowd at it’s worst, you are likely to be able to work the Feet on the heavy crowd nights.

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