The Wave

The Hidden Power Of The Fest

The Wave speaks to the Power of Summerfest.  100,000 people in one place can exert an indescribable amount of a unique type of force.

I like to believe the Wave is a result of the powerful forces of so many people having such a good time in one constrained time and place.  In quantum terms, it’s a whole lot of butterflies flapping – and all in one place.

Once you enter the gates, you become subject to this force.  On some days, it won’t affect you significantly, you will make the bands you hoped to see, have a great time, and go home.
But….those other days.  You’ll find yourself being led in directions you hadn’t anticipated.  You may see old friends from high school who are planning to go see Steely Dan, and if you follow along, you’ll meet other friends….and so on.  You may never get to the bands you wanted to see.

And, at the end of the night, you’ll find that you’ve had a fantastic time, doing nothing that had been planned.

There are two tricks to Riding The Wave:  the first is to recognize when there is a serious Wave bearing down on you.  Riding a Wave is not the same as just bumming around the Fest (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

The second trick, once you have recognized A Wave with your name on it, is to let the Wave take you where it wants.  Because if you fight it, it’s not gonna be a good night at all, and you’ll miss out on whatever the Wave had in mind for you.

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