Thursday June 29

Still one of the First Fest Days, still a great day to be there, still a workday for most of the normals.  So yeah, I am there.


  • Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot
  • Toto
  • Peter Wolf
  • Foghat
  • The Church (maybe this is the year I forgive them for standing me up all those years ago)
  • Soul Asylum (their drummer, Michael Bland, is OUTSTANDING)
  • Berlin – like the third year in a row.
  • Fishbone
  • Tommy Tutone.  Just for Kelly.
  • The Suburbs
  • FS Camels.  Local band reunion, with a guitarist friend of Zombie
  • Willy Porter
  • Belfast Cowboys
  • Salford Lads Club

What an amazing day.  You can tell I’m getting old, though, because the bands I want to see – Soul Asylum!- are on in the afternoon.  SO OLD…


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