Wednesday, June 28

Note:  This year, the available (so far) scheduling information is not organized in a way that allows me to put a daily schedule up.  The website barely allows you to sort by day, let alone stage and time, and the preliminary printed schedules have many errors.  So I will be just listing the bands I hope to see on a daily basis.

Opening Day.  Best time of the Fest.  Show up early, no crowds, everything is fresh and clean, all the workers are cheerful, nobody’s had to clean up any barf yet.

  • Moody Blues?  Meh.
  • Tesla?  Doubt it.
  • Leroy Airmaster.  Milwaukee bles band from back when I moved to Milwaukee
  • Eagle Trace

Pretty tough for a first day.  looks like I will be concentrating on food and drink, and hanging at the Emerging Artists stage and, of course, the Rebel Stage….



One response to “Wednesday, June 28

  • zombie rotten mcdonald

    well, it’s an estimate. I have learned not to be overly-optimistic in my estimates.

    Besides, what with the plan submittal I have to finish this week, my shit is all apart.

    This is the second time the Murphys have been to Summerfest. But even more critically, that day is Something 2 Do.

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