Turn It On Again

Welcome to the Summerfestblog.  You can call me Punk Brian, or ZRM for short.

The first year I moved to Milwaukee, I did not go to Summerfest, and did not see REM play there.  It was a harsh lesson, one I learned well.  The next year, we saw locals the R&B Cadets, the BoDeans, and the Femmes play the final show at the old clamshell, and it was appropriately muddy and raucous.  The clamshell was replaced with the Marcus Amphitheater.

Since then, I’ve never really looked back and it’s become my annual pilgrimage, if three miles can be called a pilgrimage.

I’ve done a couple of years where I’ve attended all eleven days, and boy is that getting hard.  We’ve developed the beginnings of a mythology; we’ve documented great bands and terrible storms, and even shut down the power in the entire Third Ward.

And this is my new blog documenting my adventures.

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